Compress PDF files with PDF24 to shrink them

With PDF24 Compress you can shrink PDF files. PDF24 Compress is part of the PDF24 Creator. PDF files with images may sometimes be very large. If you would like to send PDF files, it may be necessary to reduce the size. PDF24 Compress helps with this. Depending on the nature of your PDF files, the tool can often reduce the size significantly.

Why PDF files can be very large

PDF files with text are usually small. Only the embedded fonts are there, taking up the most space. In files with images it will look different. There are images that will take up too much space if you are not careful when creating the PDF. If there are many images in the PDF, than the PDF size may increase by several megabytes. You shouldn’t send very large files via email, because there is no guarantee here that the recipient can receive a file that is so big.

PDF24 Compress can shrink your PDF files

PDF24 Compress is a part of PDF24 Creator. This small tool can significantly reduce your PDF files that have images by compressing your images in the PDF. Often this reduction and compression of images are not noticed in your final PDF file, but your PDF will become significantly smaller. First install the current PDF24 Creator. Then start PDF24 Compress. Pull all your PDF files that you need to shrink in the file list. The program shows the current size and the size after reduction. There may sometimes be a very large difference. Finely-tune the process by adjusting a few parameters. The default setting has good parameters that make the files sufficient for viewing the PDF on your screen. Save all your PDF files after this.

With PDF24 Compress you can shrink many PDF files at once. You only need to add all your files to the list. The reduction is completed for all documents in the list. For each file the size differences will be displayed.

Více o PDF24 Creatoru

Komprimujte PDF dokumenty online

Pokud se Vám nechce nic stahovat a instalovat, nebo potřebujete velikost svého dokumentu zredukovat co nejrychleji, nejlepším řešením pro Vás bude online sada nástrojů PDF24. Mezi mnoho funkcí, které tento software nabízí, patří právě i redukce velikosti PDF dokumentů.

Komprimujte PDF dokumenty online

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